Christophe Demaître studied plastic art first in Courtrai, then in Gent, particularly in RikVermeersch and MichaëlBorremans’ studios. In the early 90’s, his work is oriented through photography research, and it is a time when he used to travel a lot through Europe and Asia.

In 1997, he settled in Italy during six years, when he will come back to paintings, working on several academic technics.

Then, he starts to be renowned and he exhibits in prestigious institutions. He will also stay few times in Spain, in Barcelona, where he will get a lot of inspiration from the movement « Arte Povera ». All his travels inspired him to come back to experiment photography again. In 2003, he settled in Brussels where he continued the work he left years before.

In 2006, Christophe Demaître is invited by Island 6 Arts Center in Shanghai, a contemporary art center, where he developed his work using multimedia technologies. Fascinated by this super-dynamic city continuously expanding, not only demographic way but also in an artistic way, the artist decides to settle a second studio in Shanghai, and to live there some time during the year.

Nowadays his work is renown and belongs to public and private collections.